ID the palm in Beverly Hills Ninja. 1997.


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I'm watching and in a scene about 30-45 minutes into the movie (depending on commercials) Chris Farley is behind the Beverly Hills hotel praying...then starts to fly. As he does the helicopter shot of the grounds shows what looks like a tall fan palm with white petioles and deep green fronds. They also are almost looking inside out..a weird droop to them.
Any idea? I'm thinking Pritchardia of some kind. Great looking fan palm. THAT, looked tropical.
Heyyyyyy,THAT'S a comedy classic! Makes me laugh every time. Eh,with any dvr,you can fast forward to that scene in a couple of minutes. And they were not young palms..they had some real height to them.
Or "Blood Diamonds with Leo D. Wild Strelitzia on rocky hillsides that resemble soucal. That stood out. OR Top Gear on BBC. The drive through Africa with giant tree Euphorbs by Lake Victoria. Again,grassy and California like..only tropical.

I'm digging Crotons btw. Mine (trio in a 16") in a pot outdoors is growing new April. My first attempt like this and I had thought it might take until mid summer for them to grow here.