I found same sick looking crotons


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What do you guys think these are? look very sick! such weird and unhealthy leaves! and I idea on some names?


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_DSC1428.jpg_DSC1450.jpg_DSC1471.jpg_DSC1476.jpg_DSC1478.jpgheres some more, we tried telling the guy he needs to take them all out, plant some normal varities, that no one would like this deformed stuff!
Dave - these Thai crotons are available directly from Thailand. But Central Fl does not have the climate of Bangkok. Some of us have tried these Thai varieties just to watch them decline and die. I bought some from Dave Hickman over in Miami some years ago; one is left. Fun if you do not mind conducting terminal experiments on pricey plants. (Think growing crotons in Cleveland in the wintertime indoors with 15% relative humidty.) And as someone else commented, one rarely sees the Thai types in the ground; they are almost always in pots like bonsais - and probably require almost as much TLC. Nevertheless, they make great eye candy.

Rob - Swaadi and where in Thailand was this particular nursery.