Hydriastele dransfeldii


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I've had this palm for many years, often it was neglected and ignored. For such a delicate looking palm. this palm proved to be pretty tough and insisted on surviving. It finally got rewarded by finally getting planted.

H dran 1.JPG H dran 2.JPG H dran 3.JPG H dran 4.JPG
Hydriastele dransfeldii
This is an amazing, versatile, and is a genus that has many "looks" to its various species - some quite unique - as does this one. It is definitely under utilized in tropical and sub-tropical zones.

That is one I don't have MooseMan - but would like to.
Not sure if this is an indication that the palm is real happy or that it is stressed. Found this on the trunk yesterday. 95% certain that it will abort but future inflorescenses may hold.

I think you are right about it aborting, but if the palm has that much trunk, I would think it has been fairly happy with you. But living with you could be stressful at times. SmugGrin