Hit Me With Your Best Shot

How about this one
Mike, that Polychrome is an awesome color. Seems to have some orangy-pink that I've never seen in a Polychrome before.

Ron, is your Wilma from Randy's plant? Really nice clone.

Ana - thank you for your compliment, getting older and can't recall things off the top of my head, had to check my notes. The Wilma came from Marie Nock. Sometimes she looks real good (like the winter solstice half of the year) and other times not so good.

On ward through the fog :p
Anna, Wow! Thea looks great! I may have to break down and find me a Thea.
My favorite red today is Congo. Just when I think it can't get any redder, it does. My favorite pink today is Thea. What a beautiful, easy, grateful plant. Love them both.

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Wow Ana - your Congo must be getting perfect light / shade.

Congo 1.JPG
Congo 2.JPG

At this time of year, this Congo stays pretty shaded. As we move towards the growing season with the sun high in the sky, maybe I'll get lucky and it will start looking like yours.
Yours looks nice and full, though. Yeah, mine likes a lot of sun. It doesn't get enough during winter, but will get loads during summer and it seems to soak it up to last through the rest of the year. I don't care if a plant is common or rare, only if I like the way it looks and performs. I have large clumps of Mrs. Icetons, Petra, and other fairly common plants that I love. I have a few rarer things that I got because they were 'rare' and desirable, that look unappealing. I'm more of a landscaper than a collector. I love pretty plants.