Happy Father's Day!

Thanks Ana,if anyone has a nice picture of Fathers Day please post one.It is a great plant!!

Happy Father's Day to all you croton lovers! Hope you get a chance to relax, sit back and enjoy your beautiful plants and the beautiful (at least here) day. Not too many air layers today.:)


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Happy Fathers day to all.

I had a busy, yet enjoyable day, first Andrea made a nice, big breakfast of eggs, sausage, hash brown potatoes and corn bread. Yum! Then went to church and most all of the family was there. 15 of us all in total including 4 generations of Searles. Then we all went over to a small Italian restaurant and had lunch. From there, Andrea and I went home and spread mulch for a couple of hours and then cooled off in the pool. Then she made a nice dinner for the two of us and I ended the night watching my Miami Heat loose to SA. All and all, it was very nice.
It was "an eventful" Father's Day morning in the Moose Land. At 5:20 am I was in my kitchen getting my second mug of coffee when it happened. I heard a muscle car laying down rubber around the corner, then the sickening thud. Some idiot plowed through a group of my crotons planted in the easement. :mad: Crotons leveled, mulch and oak logs strewn 60 ft down the street. Took out the Yellow Golden Glow, Excellent, Sunrise, Mango, Johannis, Corkscrew and clipped the Yellow Petra. I was so sick that I refused to go look at them for days. My neighbor saw it and uprighted all the victims. They are all propped up and leaning against oak logs now. Thank God for all the rain, its helping them to survive.

Here is a pre-Father's Day photo: Yellow Petra on the left, over 5 ft Corkscrew center, Johannis to the right.


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Yellow Golden Glow took a direct hit from the tires. She is really hurting. Its a good thing that I distributed this cultivar. I my need to get an air layer back if she doesn't make it. Here is a pre-Father's Day photos. I had just put an air layer on her two days prior. :(


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