Happy Easter from the Colonel


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Gotta hide from the Easter Bunny. :eek:

Happy Easter from Col. Bob Bullock. :p


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It seems that the Colonel Bob Bullock just trudges along slowly all year until the sun works its way towards the southern hemisphere. It has just grown exponentially in the last month. Should be brillantly colored up by Easter again.


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In full sun, the leaves are more colorful but only half as big - which is why we mistakenly called the thing 'Almost Edison' when seeing the old plants in full sun at Sunken Gardens some 15 years ago. They did not look much like the ones in shade - BIG leaves. It needs a bit of sun to really bring out the colors.
After acquiring this plant last fall, I place it in an area where it will be mostly shaded during winter. Is this more a shade or sun loving plant?

Ray - I must defer to Jeff about sun exposure. I planted mine on the south side of the house that is in a fair amount of shade when the sun makes its trek towards the north. It mostly puts out green leaves and only flushes sparingly (slow). I positioned it in my garden so the house acts as a wind break during cold fronts and the protective canopy. At this time of the year - the sun is able to penetrate the canopy at an angle with the sun positioned towards the southern hemisphere. Beings that I paid more for this croton than any of my crotons, I am all for the protection factors. Madam Fernand Kohl has the same sun exposure scenario, staying green mostly during the growing season.

Actually its kind of nice seeing these crotons color up with the change of the season. I gotta admit the sun exposure does get both crotons moving. Perhaps a small air layer on the Colonel Bob Bullock is needed to get it established elsewhere in the garden that has more sun exposure and let the momma stay where she is. Ray - do not forget that the winter season sun is much less severe and shorter duration. Factors that need to be considered.

Onward through the Fog - LOL :D