Greeting from Trinidad, West Indies


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Hi Everyone,

I recently joined Palmpedia and must commend all involved for their efforts in developing and maintaining this website. Keep it up!

I am a newborn croton collector and I'm currently in the process of trying to identify some croton plants in my collection.:confused:

Can you folks help me out with identifying these two beauties??

Thanks folks and looking forward to your responses.


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Rags - welcome to our Forum! :cool: I am not to sure as to the ID's to your crotons. We mostlt try and preserve the original historical named cultivars from the old hybridizers. THere are many, many others that were sports or seedlings over the years that may not have a historical name.

The croton in your first photo really caught my eye! :cool: Very, very nice! ;)

How large are the leaves? Can you post o photo of the older leaves which have colored up?

Once again, welcome. There are croton lovers here that are glad to help you with any questions you might have.

Best regards,

Ron :)
Thank You all,
Here in Trinidad and Tobago there are literally thousands of crotons scattered across the twin-island and even more so across the West Indies.
Being new to this hobby and forum, I assume there may be many adaptations unique to the Caribbean, the beauty of which I hope to share in the forum, assuming it’s the right place for this.
Out of my 50 odd plants I have been able to identify about half of the lot.
The plant in the first picture is called ‘Rocky Road’ locally.

Mr Ron, I will capture those photos.:cool:

We would all like to welcome you to the forum love the croton in your first picture. we all like to hear a new voice and would like you to post pictures of the crotons from trinidad and tobago
Good day all,

Here are the closeup shots of the croton from the first picture (Rocky Road :confused:).



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I am not sure that I have seen this one before.It has a hint of Glorioso also a little bit of Jungle Queen also??