Great Orange Crotons

Marie Nock

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I've always thought that Chris Mayhew's Doris was the best orange croton. Well, we found one in Hawaii that in my opinion runs a close second.

Wow. What a beautiful vibrant orange. Do I have enough sun for one? If so, put me on the list. Marnie
Hi Marie,

It's very nice, any clue on a variety name? Hope you all had a nice trip.

Hi Jeff,
No clue on the name. I'm going to call it Fireflash in the meantime. It still amazes me that the crotons that sell well in Hawaii are the Petras, Normas, Mammeys and Magnificents.

Where in Hawaii did you find that one? If I could find crotons like that here, I would have more in my garden.

They're not that easy to find. We scour every nursery and plant store on Oahu and around Hilo to find things. This one was from a nursery in Waimanalo. They don't ship up croton cuttings from Costa Rica so it must have come from local stock.