Giant Orange


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Here is a quick look at Giant Orange that was started late last Spring from a 6" log. The colors have appeared pretty fast for a log started plant in late Spring. I am sure this one will be a top looking plant next fall.
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Have you seen a mature plant - in other words, is it really a "giant?"
I only saw it in a photo and I could not tell if it was a "giant". The leaves are not giant at this time measuring 10" x 2.5" on a 2.5" stem. Time will tell if it lives up to its name.
Bren, The source for that one was a seller on ebay from Hawaii. I will keep you in mind when the time comes to top it. Did I give you a Luchia? If not, I will be topping that one in the spring. Flamingo is another nice orange and I do have a cutting of that one for you.
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Thanks Scott! Not sure about Luchia. Only a couple of mine are tagged. I picked up another xerox the other day at esmerelda's on haines road. They have tons of ti plants. Nothing was marked & not up on my IDs yet. My car was full or I would have loaded up.