Funky Funky Foliage Hibiscus


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Who doesn't love unusual varieties of plants - hardly anyone knows the variety of leave shapes hibiscus can have. Unfortunately I don't have too many special foliage hibiscus yet - I have two european varieties with that tendency and recently I managed to get HVH's Creme de Cacao.
Never the less, my biggest bush who is funky-leaved has been very active in the past, so I have a collection of funky-leaved seedlings (I'm eagerly waiting for blooms....!!!)
Here are some of them:
DSC06510.JPG DSC06511.JPG DSC06512.JPG
And here's the mother of all that funk:
yes, the mum is a monster. I pruned her twice 'recently' - once in autumn, then around christmas or so. she spent her time growing right back so far and will be starting to bloom within the next days. I hope I can make more crosses with her. So far I had no blooms of those funky-half-fancy seedlings, I'm dying to see them but all they do so far is grow! (or in case of the runts - nothing)
oh cool, I never heard of that one! I recently bought hibiscus sabdarifa, which looks funky and is the hibiscus variety you can make tea from. looks as though it's shutting down :( maybe it's getting to cold for that one now.
funny thing about funky foliage hibiscus - they change leaf-shape depending on whether they are just growing (funky leaves) or blooming (=> normal leaves).
I'm reposting my funky seedling here to follow up, the leaves have changed to normal now that it's blooming
And this I was given last Tuesday. Hibiscus vine. Never heard about this one before. Supposedly very easy, with roots, but didn't look well after a day in the bag. I planted it but I do not have much hope. The leaves are maple type again.
It is beautiful and low to the ground, i like it:). I was given 3 cuttings, all of them rooted, and now I have 3 long stems. I cut one in half to see what it does. It was a pity to cut all of them because a lot of buds were developing. How do you keep yours low?
I encountered the Hibiscus acetosella 'Mahogany Splendor' and of course 2 of them followed me home from the garden center.
Dean, It may be the same. The tag states this ones average size is 36-60" H x 24-30" W. The foliage grabbed my attention so I thought I would give them a try.