Frontal Winds


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These heavy winds really suck! :mad: Many of my crotons new tender leaves are getting whipped off.

And my large potted Alocasia 'Stingray' that I got from Steve Nock a couple of years ago was blown off its stand. It had to be a strong gust of wind to knock over this plant. The clay pot and soil weighs around 100 lbs. My son James had to help me lift it back onto the stand. My clay saucer got broke too.

When it fell over it put a hurting on Angel Wing. Nearly missed Stained Glass. Smashed and pushed over my Licuala grandis and partially damaged the Licuala ramsayi. :( Counting my blessings that the wind did not aim this pot towards my Tiger Eye. :cool:


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I hate it when that happens...
The wind last week made me put extra stakes on my Bambusa chungii clump that I recently dug up, split into three clumps, and transplanted around my patio.
It's been blowing over a large sago palm in a big pot also...
I took advantage of the winds whipping the tender new growth on my Crotons. I gave them a good cutting back.
If a landscape allows for it, a planted wind screen on the north side can help. Also nice that you don't lose any light because the sun's North declination doesn't get too far above Florida.
The Licuala ramsayi was looking real good until a necrotic spear appeared. Kept treating it but never pushed another spear. It just got chopped out several weeks ago. The Alocasia 'Stingray' is in a much larger pot and weighted down with sand. It has also toppled over, my son had to help me get it back on its stand. The next time, its not getting put back.
Tiger Eye 1.JPG
Tiger Eye 2.JPG

The Tiger Eye certainly has grown since I posted those photos.