Freeze season ends today

Crazy for Crotons

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Usually, I'm paranoid about being jinxed but will say it anyway. Freeze season is now officially over. It can still get cold but freezes (even in central Florida) are extremely rare after February 20th. Hard freezes after the 20th are almost non existent historically. For the record, the last post Feb 20th freeze in Tampa was February of 1989. The next one before that was about 30 years earlier. As a matter of fact, Tampa hasn't frozen in February since 1996. There hasn't been a December freeze in Tampa since 2000. We've come close but have not dropped below 32F in 12 years. Freezes here have been pretty much reserved to the Godforsaken month of January. Now we wait for hurricane season.

Now every cold front we get is a godsend. Luv it after a front passage like we had last night. This President Washington holiday day is just absolutely perfect in the weather department!

Free Air conditioning!