Drymophloeus sp. 'Irian Jaya'


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I acquired this palm in November 2006 at a South Florida palm Society Sale at Faichild Tropical Botanical gardens in a one gallon container. It is now thriving in a 7 gallon container. This palm has now been described as a species. Can someone please tell me what the recognized species name is ? :confused:
I have one of those as well. But I don't know a true species name. I believe mine came via Jeff Marcus. It looks like its going to be a really neat palm, possibly with stilt roots. Mine has a red new leaf. Does yours have this red new leaf too?

Jeff is in the Amazon at the moment. I'll ask him when he returns for more info.
Dean - I believe that my palm was originally a seedling of Jeff Marcus' that found it's way to South Florida. Jeff Searle and/or Ryan (palmarum) may have told me that it was now recognized as a distinct species. Would like to know so I could update my tag. I may have typoed the sp. 'Irian Jaya' my current tag reads 'Irian Java'.

Yes my palm is trying to make stilt roots. Root buds are found on the lower trunk but have yet to make the trip to the soil. My new leaf blushes pinkish, but not a brilliant red like a Chambeyronia macrocarpa or Actinokentia divaricata.

Hopefully someone will chime in. Where is MattyB when you need him? :rolleyes:
I doubt if Matty knows much about Drymophloeus. I doubt if there is one in California. Heck, I don't even know how to pronounce it. But I find them extremely interesting palms.

Sounds like yours is bigger than mine. My 1 Gal. went in the ground about four months ago. So it should be kicking into gear here come next spring.

I will ask Jeff M. next time we talk.

Again Moose - check your PMs. I'm trying to give you something. :)
The spear leaf started to open yesterday ...

Not very red. :( The palm did get fertilized last month - perhaps the nitrogen is affecting the color? :confused:


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