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These sub-forums can be password protected so only Board Members can have access. This is useful when wishing to discuss Society business in private.

An open forum can be useful for voting purposes, through the polling feature, to display announcements, or to solicit feedback, volunteers, etc.
Thinking out loud about the uses of a private area for board members...
our discussions would be organized by the thread topic and the entire history of the discussion would appear each time the topic was revisited or someone had new information to add. Thats very useful.

Comittees can have their own sub forums to get tasks achieved.

Could it be set up to notify individuals via email when new information is posted?

This could be great.
What does evreyone think?


Yea. Me too.
Yes, email notification is an option. And a forum can even be totally hidden from view from all but Board Members if desired.

Go to "User CP" at the top of the page and you will see many of the additional options there, including the email notification, etc. Look under "Settings and Options" then "Edit Options."
South Florida Palm Society's next Garden Tour will be on Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 9:00 am. This tour will be comprised of four stops in the southern portion of Miami Dade County, Florida.
Schedule of Tour.
1st Stop: Meet at Action Theory Nursery. Claude Roatta is the owner and is a long time IPS Member and Board member of the SFPS. The Nursery is 8+ acres with many specimen palms, bamboos and flowering trees planted around the perimeter.
There will be a light array of beakfast type victuals provided at this stop.
Address: 22401 S.W. 130th Avenue
Goulds, FL 33170-6217
Phone: 305-257-2244

2nd Stop: University of Florida T.R.E.C., Tropical Research & Education Center. TREC is an educational research center that has a very large collection of mature palms and many other delightful tropical plants. They have graciously opened their doors to the Society to permit us to preview the grounds.
Address: 18905 S.W. 280th Street
Homestead,FL 33031
Phone: 305-246-7000

3rd Stop: Redland Nursery. John DeMott is the owner, the current Vice President of the IPS and SFPS Board Vice President, Redland (forum name). John maintains a fabulous garden adjacent to his Nursery property. Numerous specimen palms, rare cycads and elegant tropical specialties await you.
Address: 18455 S.W. 264th Street
Homestead, FL 33031-1883
Phone: 305-248-5109

4th and Final Stop: RF Orchids. Robert Fuchs is the owner and a long time SFPS member. RF Orchids is world renowned for it's development of many creative and spectacular orchid cultivars. Bob also has a very lavish collection of palms and exquisite tropical plants he has collected throughout his travels around the world. He will generously be making available his own personal artistic garden adjacent to the business for the tour. This is a tasteful intrinsic garden with no detail left unattended. It is a definite must see.
There will be lunch provided at this stop.
Address: 28100 S.W. 182nd Avenue
Homestead, FL 33030-1804
Phone: 305-245-4570

There is no charge for South Florida Palm Society Members. Non-members will be required to pay $10 to cover meal costs. You may sign up for a membership that day ($20) and your meal charge is gratis. All are welcome and we travel as a caravan from stop to stop. Please RSVP and get details from our Garden Tour Chairman, Dr. Jeff Chait at 305-934-2839. This will be a well attended event and I anticipate seeing many forum members.

Note: In the supplement to Palms, this was scheduled for Oct. 10 at press time.