Direction of the Croton Society into 2012 and beyond...


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I have been approached to take the reigns of Presidency for the Society. Although I have not formally acknowledged the nomination, I do not want to see the Society fall into ruins...or worse yet, dust.

All too often it is only human to criticize and point fingers of what can or should be done, but not offer assistance or even acknowledgement. We are all volunteers.

We are all here because of two reasons: 1) we love crotons and 2) we enjoy the companionship of others who do. Plain and simple.

I would like to be involved in taking the Society to new positive directions, but I can not, and will not, be able to do this alone.

If you, or anyone you are aware of, is willing to offer any assistance into keeping this Society afloat, I urge, no...plead with you, to step forward. We all have limited time, resources, and other priorities. I am willing to find the time to keep our interest at heart. Crotons must be something you are passionate about, or you wouldn't be reading this right now!

Please help in any way. I will lead the group...but only if there is a willing and enthusiastic group, or Board, from which to work with. If you have any experience with newsletters, law, writing, or such, please make it known. Right now we have nothing.

There are a million ideas that we can put into fruition, but it takes you.

Thank you...
Rick Leitner, Fort Lauderdale, FL
You can reach me personally at

Behind you 100%. I don't think any of us have a clue how Lee intends to make this transition but I will help out however I can when it happens.