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Poopsie McGuillicutty came from the Ralph Davis Estate property. Toby (Koki) named it this unusual name because he simply did not want to call it another unnamed variety from the Ralph Davis Estate. I agree with him, we have a few in collector's gardens so identified which is confusing. Toby told me he acquired this croton from the Ralph Davis Estate as a cutting. It is uncertain if this was an intentional hybrid of Mr. Davis or some seedling that eventually achieved some size.

I traded Toby a Stain Glass for my Poopsie. He left it with Judy and I picked it up at their Dec. 2013 garden tour. Judy told me hers was very green and hardly colored up. I figured I would get it to color up if I gave it a good half a day sun. That did not work, only a few minor flecks of variegation and it stayed mostly green. A project in its area required it to get moved. It got thrown up against a fence in some heavy shade "temporarily". Not particularly pleased with this croton, it remained ignored and eventually became dark purplish black in the heavy shade.

While doing the big push to get stuff in the ground, I came across the Poopsie McGuillicutty. I seriously contemplated tossing it. Decided to give it one more opportunity. It was planted close to the street about 45 days ago in a south facing location where it is getting blasted by the sun. I expected it to fully defoliate but surprisingly it is still hold some dark leaves. Just in the last couple of weeks it started flushing new leaves with some decent variegation. As the days get longer and it has even more sun exposure I am hoping it will increase. This is a full sun BBQ me Daddy type croton in my opinion. I'll come back and update this thread if my opinion rings true.

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You may need to rethink Jeff. saying-no-with-his-fi-42171217.jpg

Apparently this plant needs full sun. Its looking better and better, at least for now. We will revisit this plant come the fall to know for sure.

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