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Perry posted this photo for Delaware. I would like to put it in the wiki, but it would be a new entry and I need to make sure it is Delaware. I am hoping for guidance because I've never seen a Delaware. I know we've had discussions about it in the past, and we've been uncertain about the plants so I've never felt comfortable putting them in. Please weigh in on whether this plant meets the criteria for Delaware. Thanks!
Oooops! Here you go. Thanks, Phil.

Page 46 of Frank Brown's Crotons of the World there are three photos of Delaware. First two show some areas of blotches. The last is referred to as "2nd Character Leaf type". Perry's plant looks very similar to the latter. Perry's plant does have more distinct veining, but that can be attributed to his having more sun exposure than the example in the book. Both have reddish blushes on their petiole bases.

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I gave four away at the last tour, I don't know who got them. Three more in the mist house now.