Dawn Fletcher

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This croton was created by CS Nursery in Trinidad, It is named after the owner of a famous garden in Grenada.

" Dawn Fletcher’s garden is noted for its Bougainvillea and Croton collections but many other colourful plants are also grown including Nerium oleander, Alamanda carthartica and Vanda orchids. The garden also contains an attractive Crape Myrtle tree, Lagerstroemia indica, easily recognized by its stiff, rod like branches that are directed upwards and its dense panicles of purplish pink flowers at the ends of the branches".

I was told that this plant was initially tossed in the junk as a baby, the plant was recovered based on a recommendation by the hybridiser's wife. The plant was eventually tossed out a second time because it was all green....... After being rescued a second time it was allowed to grow to its full potential.


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A very long flight between Trinidad and Thailand,there probably as far apart as two countries could be.
They do have at least two things in common.Beautiful crotons and beautiful women :)

Trinidad, Thailand, what's the difference? They both begin with T and end with D. Bah, humbug.
I think this croton has alot of potential when it gets bigger. It appears to have that marbling effect in the leaves. Nice plant, let us know when it gets bigger and maybe a follow up picture.