Dang !!!


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Dang It !!!

Was talking to Chris (pocomo) this afternoon. He said it was pouring at his place. Heard all the thunder and ran outside to snap a few photos as it started to rain. Safely back inside, I could see the wind blowing stuff around through the window. A heavy gust lasting about 30 seconds then CRACK ... BOOM,BOOM. :mad:

Here are some photos. Mangos blown 25 feet from the tree canopy. Potted plants laying all over. This Jacaranda landed on the roof. It now is covering over 25% of my roof. This massive branch provided shade for my air layered plants when just getting potted up. Change of plans now for the air layered plant ICU. :( Reminds me when Jeff Searle got his hail storm last year.

I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. I gotta repot the Alocasia "Sting Ray" into a larger pot also to keep it weighted down. Looks as if the Moose Land just got a lot less shaded. Hopefully these photos won't be needed for insurance purposes. :p


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What a big pain in the #%$. Just finished, its all chopped up and ready to get hauled.

Had to sweep the entire roof to inspect for damage. Found 4 small holes that have penetrated the membrane. :( Gotta head to a big box store to put some elastmetric patch on them. Thank God I don't have tile or would be looking at $$$$$$$$$$$$$. :p