Crotons in Waiting


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Here are some crotons in containers found in Moose Land. Most are recent air layers trying to fill their respective pots full of roots. A few are gifts of air layers to the Moose trying to fill their pots with roots as well. Still others are older plants awaiting to be planted. :)


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Most of these crotons will be given away, traded or donated to the next garden tour auction. ;) There should be very few in containers left by December 1st. :)


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They are going to have to make it to the November Garden Tour. I have really been trying to trade and give them away to newbies. My problem, and I am not complaining, is that I will get rid of 8 but people will drop by and replace them with a cultivar I don't already have. This was my best weekend, got rid of 15 crotons but added 7 so I am -8 for the weekend. Making some head way, I don't have irregation and hand watering is the practice here. The dry season will be starting in a couple of weeks ... :rolleyes:

Yea.....I heard there's going to be a giant meeting / auction coming up in November. Maybe a couple of these plants can find their way there?