Croton Encyclopedia Detailed Information

Just playing off shore Ft Lauderdale about 10 miles you can just see the buildings in the back ground.
bump. This thread kind of trailed off . Where are we at with this effort? I think I can devote a couple hours a week to help Ana & others input some WIKI info if everyone is on board. I think the info is badly needed too. After Saturday's auction, I am even wondering which plants are fast/slow growers for bed placement. I'm afraid I'm going to plant the snail plants toward the back of the beds where they'll be buried
Bren, there have not been many photos to add recently that haven't been entered quite a bit. I do have a couple on my desktop to enter when I get around to it- which I will soon now. Have been going through a minor crisis at home which has taken a lot of my time in addition to everything else. I have been doing it all along as things are posted, but you're welcome to help. Thanks. Tim and I have asked for further info many times, but folks are not eager to chime in frequently, unfortunately.