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Anna I posted a photo of what I got as Caution Light, as it has matured it now seems to be a very nice Marigold.
I was checking out the pic's in the WIKI of this croton and Ron's picture of his plant sure looks different from David's. I think were looking at two different plants.......

What do you all think?
I agree with Jeff, Ron's plant might really be Caution Light. The color is right and the markings on the leafs with straight thin lines is what I have been told Ids C L. One more thought, I don't think Marigold and Yellow Duke of W. Are the same. Marigold has far more color and larger lobs at the base of the leaf. I have both very near each for comparison if anyone would like to voice an opinion.
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I agree. Ron's plant seems more veined than the above Marigolds. Should Ron's be transferred somewhere else? The above Marigolds/Duke of Windsor look the same to me. Is that right? I'm thinking they should both be entered in the wiki as Marigold/Duke of Windsor? What is the thinking about what Lamar said about Marigold and Duke of Windsor not being the same?