Copernicia baileyana


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This Copernicia baileyana was planted as a two leaf seedling directly where it is 19 years ago. After all that time, its growth rate as really increased the last three years.

Cop Base.JPG

Here is the base of the palm
MooseMan - Thanks for the pics and story. Palms can really make a statement you respect the time involved. Imagine James standing next to that seedling back then - if he even could have. Playful
Ron, very cool. I am envious. These are the advantages that homeowners have in these regards. One can actually see the fruits of their labor come through in years. I have always rented out of necessity in Key West, and have always been hesitant to plant due to never really knowing how long I will be living at a particular location. With the majority of people only owning for several years, and houses getting flipped, many of my landscape jobs have been changed either dramatically or entirely all together with each new owner. Lots of Yankees come down here and think they want Hibiscus and Coconuts. Very, very few have the patience and understanding to appreciate what a Bailey will do for their property, and how much enjoyment can come from watching it develop over time.