Connie Cutler or Colombiana?


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Does anyone know any history or information on the croton Connie Cutler? We have an old croton, original to the house, that consistantly holds all kinds of color and variation. It was suggested that it's Colombiana, however, in the book it's more consistant to Connie Cutler page 87. The first photo is practically a dead ringer.

Sure looks like Connie Cutler to me,very nice plant!!I.m not sure I've ever seen this one before.Columbiana is a pretty variable plant but I think the leaves would be bigger if it were Columbiana.
I wish I could say, but without owning a plant myself, I just don't know. Someone that owns a C.C. please chime in. I agree, this could use some further understanding.
Uncertain here. I believe Marie Nock may have this cultivar in her collection if my memory serves me correctly. Perhaps she will render an opinion on your plant Toby when she sees this thread. :)

It is definitely eye candy ! :cool:
here's a few pics of what was sold to me as Connie Cutler and that's what I've been calling it. It's been in the ground at least 5 years and is fairly slow in growth under a Chambeyronia macrocarpa. There's a 6" ruler in a few pics for scale. Columbiana is much larger - approx 9"++ leaves and has a more random blotching pattern.

The pic on p87 LL in the Book resembles Columbiana.


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Thanks Phil! Does anyone else have this plant in their collection that could also shed some light on what really Connie Cutler looks like? I don't have it but it's on my list.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOppppss. Yes, those are pics of Catrmen Christian
In my inventory I have a note on Columbiana - Alonzo says Yes; Bender says No; my Connie Cutler note says I got it from Toby (who started this thread...)
onward through the fog...
...and to add to the confusion, here's some pics of the fplant from Toby and another one with similar characteristics and growing conditions. leaves are about 9" long on a 2" petiole.


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Hmmm, still not what I have as Connie Cutler.

Ray - stop being coy. :) Post a photo of yours so we can learn what a real one looks like. Did Bob Alonso confirm the ID of your plant?

You guys on the West Coast are so fortunate to have access to Bob's eye and skills. Rarely does he venture over to this side.

On the East Coast we follow Phil's mantra: Onward through the fog ... :D
Ron, by the time I get home during the week, the November sun is long gone. I still owe you guys photos of Halloween.

I talk to Bob much more than see him. He hasn't been to my garden since 2008.