Collecting Seeds

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If I collect these what is the proper or best way grow them? What is the normal rate of growth? It is in a poorly keep area at my tennis club, and I draw to bad ideas.

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If you put them under decaying palm fronds and/or mulch, and forget about them, they will emerge in about a year. Once they emerge separate the seeds. Rate of growth is slow but steady. These cycads are bullet proof, but I prefer the smaller relative "coontie". Especially useful if you have a lot of them.


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Have often broadcasted these seed in an area, kinda slow at first.. but when just seedling almost looks like a huge clover leaf, or shamrock... easy to transplant as well....


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I've never planted that species in my garden. Have volunteers popping up in an area in front of the house. I let some develop which was a mistake. Too shaded and all were really stretched. Decided to pull them which became a much bigger task then anticipated. The caudexes had multiplied and were very robust deeply in the rocky soil. I'm with Toby, much prefer our native Zamia floridiana (coontie).