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I got this tiny croton beauty at the Searle Extravaganza. I'd never heard the name mentioned by anyone before but I fell in love with the bright colors on this little one. Just wondering if anyone has a photo of a mature specimen or any specimen of Class Act to post? Does anyone have any information about this cultivar? The orchid is a Serendipity Cattleya blooming in my landscape the last couple of weeks.:)


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Ron, my Class Act has been a finicky little thing. I think it has dropped more leaves than gotten new ones. It is still tiny while surrounding plants have taken off much more and looks spindly. A shame, because it has great color.
I don't know where I got this croton, probably 15 years ago or so, but although mine never gets bushy from cutting it, it surely makes up with brilliant colors(!). Everytime Ray sees it, he calls it a William Craig. And I keep telling him, it's not. Even the Glocks that have been growing WC for several years now and have a monster plant growing down in their Keys garden, laughs. "It's not"!
For whatever reason, my Class Act started dropping leaves about a month after I got it. They didn't fall off all at once. Just a every two weeks or so. Unfortunately, no new leaves were developing. However Jeff was growing it, it did not appear to appreciate my conditions. When it got down to three leaves, I shoved it into some heavy shade. Something I often do when a croton looks like it is struggling. New leaves developed but had little color in the heavy shade. Since then its been fertilized and moved to a brighter but still shady area. It now starting to put out larger leaves with color. Still not as brilliant as when I first got it, but its definitely making a comeback!

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