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Here's one not seen too often - Christiana - sat in shade for a few years and is finally coloring up nicely. Was not affected by the past two winters. Leaves are about 9" long with 1-2" petiole.


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Your plant appears to be growing much nicer than mine. Lol! My plant was dug out of the collection that belonged to Robert Halgram back in the day. Unfortunately, I think because it had been hacked, chopped, cut, and mutilated on so much over the years, by the time I got it, it was mostly a stump with very few leaves/heads on it.

My plant therefore has grown very little and the wife keeps threating me with "removal" if it dosen't improve. But honey.........

This pretty little rare gem is officially on the Moose Land wish list. I can find a shady location for it if I ever get lucky and acquire one! ;) I have never seen this cultivar in person. :(
Yes Ray - I am still interested. I got another Heaven air layer going. Are you still interested? ;)

The Heaven was given to Ray through Phil via the Queen Mary at our last croton tour. I got the Christiana from Ray via the Queen Mary express, LOL :D

The Christiana was planted several weeks ago and is doing fine. Like many crotons that endure changes in growing conditions, it began flowering like crazy. Jeff Searle is a proponent of removing the flowers when trying to get a croton established. He is probably right to let the plant expend its energy reserves in developing new leaves rather than flowers. Ray sent me a PM saying this is a pretty tough robust growing cultivar. Going with that information, I elected to let it to continue flowering. You never know when the next great looking seedling will happen. If this was a particular hard croton to grow - I would have followed Jeff's practice. It is starting to put out some new leaves. I'll get around to posting a photo once it gets its mojo going.

By the way Ray - here is a shot of the Momma Heaven taken this morning. It always seems to look its best around this time of the year. ;) The second shot (also from this morning) is fronting a healthy Beccariophoenix alfredii.


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Here is the Christiana I got from Ray. Its doing real well and is loving this weather! :)


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