Caryota sp. 'Elvis'


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Caryota sp. 'Elvis' that I got from long time IPS member Faith Bishock in March 2006. It was planted in June 2006 as a three gallon container. Caryota mitis is reportedly the only clustering species in the genus. However, Caryota sp. 'Elvis' suckers and is distinct but has yet to be described botanically.

First three photos are from last week. Last photo is the same palm in 2007. Two stems have seeded and were removed. No further suckers have occurred since the originals that developed shortly after planting.


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I have one planted outside the shadehouse that I got many,many years ago. It's been slowly dieing off due to it's flowering stages. I just went over to it last week and the last trunk is in it's last days sort of speak, I looked down and saw two seedlings underneath it. I'm going to remove these and hopefully get them established. But Dean, I never did get the story on this palm and it's name, or history.