Caryota maxima


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This is Caryota maxima, photos taken at sunrise this morning. I got this palm from Faith Bishock in March 2006 in a three gallon container. It was planted June 2006. I guestimate that it is a least 28 ft. in overall height. It is important to keep a Caryota well feed and watered at this size. Neglecting it for a long period often induces it to flower. Flowering will continue for about 5-7 years then the palm dies. This palm would be a pain in the ass to have to remove at this size. :rolleyes:


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Almost all of the local giants I see around town, are not nearly as attractive as the ones I have seen photos of, in California. The proportions are off--usually from a dead spear, due to cold. They come back, but they don't look spectacular.