box store finds


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While I generally get my plants through trade & local growers, today I stumbled upon some surprising finds at Lowes. Seems Monrovia has moved in. Some plants offered one usually don't see offered around these parts.
Broms- fireballs, lil harv, ae blachetiana, tangerine,chantini
AROIDS, alocasia black stem, borneo giants. Misc..ruby cordylines, red spiral gingers. While not rare, priced right. Especially the broms which had numerous pups. I don't even see these plants at the nurseries here. It's always the same regurgitated stock.
The Lowes nursery manager over here has some arrangement with about the only nursery on the island that dabbles in some of the rarer plants. I have found some really nice aroids that would be expensive and hard to find elsewhere for some very reasonable prices. Now that might not sound like front page news - but the rare plant selection here is generally slim pickens, and then super expensive when found - so I was very pleased.

Perhaps Lowes is making an attempt to deal with more "specialty" nurseries - that would be a appreciated trend. As a note - the Home Depot has a horrendous selection of the boring everyday plants you see in every garden in town.