Bob Sanbourne Hybrid


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This cultivar came from Randy, who got it from Bob Sanbourne. It was a small rooted cutting but I suspect this may be a slow one. Is it just me or does this one have some characteristics of Talia?
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I think its proper spelling is Tally, I must have been watching too many Rocky or Godfather Movies lately. Ana, the Tally is a very rare cultivar from Stan Woods. Not very many around.

I'm definitely on the fence about this plant being a Tally. A couple of months ago I would have said no way. No way to tell where Bob got it or if it is a seedling of his. Its slow growth rate, recent coloring and Bob's proximity to Stan Wood has got my hopes up! Woot
This one ranks as one of the slooooooowst crotons I have. I don't think this is the same plant as Tally. These are photos I took of Bob's plant last year.


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Randy - thank you for posting your pictures. I recall Bob's plants but they had a semi-oak elongated leaf. I was surprised when the one that came from you started developing some oak shape leaves. Mike Woolery (Bullwinkle) was checking out my plant yesterday afternoon. Seeing it in person, he mentioned that it did have similarities to Tally and thought it could not be ruled out. The different looks to the Bob Sanbourne Hybrid could be attributed to the fact that Bob does not fertilize except with the free horse manure in his area. This may explain why in the hands of those who are more chemical fertilizer conscience - this plant has the oak leaf characteristic.

How is the one looking in your garden? The last I saw it (Jan. 1) it looked like you had done some recent cutting on it.