Bob Sabourne Hybrid


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I got this plant from Randy sometime ago, and he warned me of its painfully slow growth habit. After seeing pictures of his plant though, I decided it would be worth the effort. It has sure taken its time, but it has definitely been rewarding having success with a challenging plant.
That is absolutely beautiful . I have one that us planted in the ground and grows really fast.

Bob Sabourne is a great plant but glacially slow.If yours is fast Jose, it probably is not Sabourne.I will try and post a pic of my 3 year old example but it is not much bigger than Tim's
I know sound strange. for you mike what my plant has maybe more oxigen and the root my soil was new when I planted and probably soil i very compact and don't easy filter the water through the root This picture is from January2015
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Anna, i remember I talked to Bob about hybridizing and he told me that he doesn't make seedlings because 99 percent of the seedlings come out with less potential than the parents so when i first saw this plant in the summer, it was very interesting and he doesn't know if it's a seedling or he obtained it from somewhere else. It's a mystery, it's called that because it is in his garden. He has an incredible collection of plants so it might have grown there.
This is a very nice hybrid. Thanks for posting your pictures Tim, Jose and Mike. They all look to be the same cultivar. But remember guys, what one of us thinks something is rather slow in growth, the next person might think it's not so slow. And this just could be their idea of what they think is "slow". And then cultural methods, lighting, fertilizing, water, etc all plays a part too.
Tim, is this the same plant I bought at the auction or do you think I got Tali
Tim, is this the same plant I bought at the auction or do you think I got Tali
Keith, I don't think you got this plant. The plant you got looked like either Tali or October Surprise to me, but I heard some people debating if it was actually either one of those too. From what I have heard, Tali is a Stan Wood seedling, and October Surprise is supposedly a West Coast plant. Go figure, confusion over a crotono_O! Regardless, you got a sweet looking croton that you outbid me on!
Nobody at the tour could ID a plant brought as to wheather or not it was a Tali???
Nobody could agree apparently. My first thought was either Tali or October Surprise. Someone else chimed in that is supposedly was not, and the plant was up for auction at that time, so there was no further discussion. Keith was lucky enough to get the winning bid. Keith, who brought the plant to the auction?
Tim, I say Randy--- but I was unloading my wallet so fast, who knows! Judy had the nicest Monarch, and I went there hoping to find one, but I had to save my money for one of Georges hybrids-- the last plant of the auction.
Jose, you should root one of yours and bring it to the next auction.
For sure Keith. I will root both, Tali and Bob hybrid, and take to next auction. Believe me, the plants are different. Tali does not have the "funky" shaped leaves as Bob does.
Randy, I'm a little confused. Just to clarify things, are you saying that the croton pictured in post #20 that Keith won in the auction came from you and is a Bob Sabourne Hybrid?