Best Rams Horn I've Ever Seen

Marie Nock

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Here are a couple photos of an incredible Rams Horn that we saw at Waimea Valley. It has as much leaf curve as Revolutions and also has color. That 's David Orr with me pulling his huge plant down for the shot.



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Wow, Marie, that's an amazing plant! Huge, too. I wonder what would make a plant want to grow like that!:eek:

Crazy for Crotons

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Waimea Falls park is an amazing croton repository. I saw that Ram's Horn and a spectacular clone of Mercer as well. That's where I first saw Monarch, General Marshall and Imelda Marcos (Lemon Top). There are also plants labeled Noblis Major and Davis #17 on the property, near the main house. The groundskeeper at the time was very knowledgeable and said most of the plants were donated by Dr. Brown in the 1980's.