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B Long John Bender.JPG

Long John Bender
, a seedling of mine. My thinking was this croton resembled John Bender except the leaves were considerably longer. Don't look like a long leaved John Bender now but I've been calling it Long John Bender for so long that the name kinda stuck.
Perhaps an appropriate video for this post. Amazing how much music videos have advanced, this one was made in 1969.

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B Milky Way.JPG

Milky Way
B Pitcarin.JPG

Pitcarin that was a gift from Ray Hernandez. This is the original fine veined cultivar. The blotched form (one was auctioned at Mike Harris') came later and is much sought after.
Three palms were also planted there, Hydraistele begunii, Ptychosperma sp. wotoboho, Hydriastele dransfeldii
I just love P. 'Wotoboho' got one last year at the TFEPS meeting I like any palm with preamorse leaflets you might want move it away from the fence as this palm sets offsets and will get quite large cool palm
B Rembrandt seedling.JPG

This one does not have a proper name. Got it from Jose as a seedling from Rembrandt. I've got it tagged as Rembrandt Seedling. Got to put something on the tag. Was in too much shade but is getting some nice sun exposure that should stimulate coloring.
B Sum Yung Gi.JPG

Another of the Thai Hybrid that was given to me by Mike Woolery. This came from the same batch of Thai Hybrids that survive in our soil. Not wanting to put "Unknown Thai Hybrid"on the tag or on my list, I call it (tongue in cheek) Sum Yung Gi to delineate it from the others.
B Sweet Marie.JPG

Sweet Marie
, already had one planted (one of the earlier acquistions), this is an air layer to reestablish in another area. The original croton became too shaded and was no longer living up to its potential. This one will get hit with much better sun exposure.
B Van Houtii (not true).JPG

This one came from Mike Woolery as a Van Houtii, which we later agreed it was not. I grew the plant up into a seven gallon container then gave it to Tim for the Audubon House in Key West. It was requested of him for an air layer back at a future date, which he kindly obliged. Many eyes have seen this croton but no name yet. I have my suspicions that it may have originally came from the Ralph Davis Estate. Any thoughts or comments are welcome.
Ana Lopez, a seedling Jose named after his wife. As the seasons changed and the sun shifted, this one was left too shaded for too long. Kinda greenish right now but was planted in a sunnier location so Ana Lopez should be coloring up nicely but mid Spring.
B Ana Lopez 1.JPG
B Ana Lopez 2.JPG
B Ana Lopez 3.JPG