Are you selling crotons at the sale this weekend?


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The Tropical Fern and Plant Society Sale is this weekend at Fairchild and I've been thinking about going. I'd like to know if any of you will be selling crotons at the sale, and if you are, what will you have for sale?
Hi Ana, Guess everyone has been so busy preparing for the show that they haven't had a chance to respond to your inquiry. The Tropical Fern & Exotic Plant Society show is a wonderful show with some incredible plants for sale. It is Saturday May 31 & Sunday, June 1 in the Garden House at Fairchild. Last year there were many beautiful crotons in the show and for sale by a few vendors. Hope that you do come down and enjoy the show as well as the garden. Marnie
There is an incredible array of plants that will be available at the show besides crotons. I know you will find more than a few intriguing things.

Marie always brings some, I may have a few offerings. Jose brought an amazing bunch of crotons last year. Have not heard from him, unsure what his plans are for this Show.
Yes Ron , I'm going to be there- I'm planning to take some "unknown" crotons and some of my seedlings. I really enjoy participating with all of you in these shows and sale. Hope to see everybody there.