Anyone Else Have This Unique Lemon???


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I have no idea if this is a common plant, or if it even has good lemons - but it is pretty, and how can you get a bad lemon? The old foliage has this nice variegation, and the new foliage has this lavender color to it, which should make a pretty display when the tree gets larger.

Has anyone seen a larger one of these? Is it actually a tree? I bough two, one said dwarf on it. So I don't know if I should be trimming them differently or not - as a small tree/bush, or as an upright tree. Any suggestions?
IMG_1525PT.jpg IMG_1526PT.jpg
I've seen it here for sale. Even the lemon skin is striped. I've read that it ranges from good quality to not so good. It might be one of those "Good luck" plants in Asia also,as some article in a local paper on them mentioned.
I think I heard somewhere that it is one of those pink lemons inside. But as long as it has juice, I'll be happy. I just want the fruit to squeeze on my fish and in my guacamole.
Dean, I had (lost to citrus greening) a nice variegated lemon tree that produced good quality pink fleshed fruits. The tree stayed on the dwarf side only growing about 7' tall.
Thanks Scott - do you think it is the same tree? Was the variegation in the same "pattern?"
Dean, I thought I had a photo in my picture files of my late tree, but I can not find it. The pattern looks the same as I remember. The name of the lemon tree was "Eureka".
Hey Dean.... thouught I had a pic of mine... and in fact, found it. Seems like the same verigation..... but , the reddish flushes of new growth hasn't ben evident like yours..... but I have some real high canopies where it is...... (in a pot)
Thanks - yes the variegation looks identical.

However, one of mine is also under high canopy, but still has the colored new growth. I'll try and remember to get a pic, as I think it may be flushing right now.
I used to have citrus. Then the Citrus Canker Nazis came and removed my trees, although none were infected. Citrus was not allowed to be planted for many years here until Hurricane Wilma, when they figured that the spores where spread everywhere. Interesting that we don't hear much about it any more. It was suppose to wipe out our citrus industry. Seems like the hysteria was over blown. Alas, I don't have the sun exposure to support citrus other then a over shaded Key Lime tree. During the no citrus hiatus, I planted other fruit trees which I was permitted to grow and enjoy their fruit now.
Interesting Moose,

I didn't know they could retroactively mandate the removal of a legal tree on private property. But Big Gov can do anything these days - even promote hysteria.
Interesting Moose,

I didn't know they could retroactively mandate the removal of a legal tree on private property. But Big Gov can do anything these days - even promote hysteria.

It was all under the guise of saving Florida's $4 billion citrus industry. Then the Feds started funding the State program to eradicate the citrus canker. We would be notified when they would be in the area - which meant within 30 days. The program had them entering properties unannounced, citrus was cut down, stump grinded, then some sort of fungicidal treatment to the soil where the stump was. People were going to work then to return home to find all there wonderful fruit trees gone. It started to get real bad, some folks were even armed trying to protect their fruit trees. Arrests, lawsuits started happening. Then a judge ruled you could not take someones property without compensation. The going rate was $100 per tree. The state sent you a $100 Walmart gift card per tree. Hmmmm, guess there was not corporate influence there.

Here is the kick in the ass. Up on Palm Beach County, there were Orange and Grapefruit groves that were trying to get the canker. The westward expansion of residential development had these groves getting bought. Not until they got the canker first, compensated at $100 per tree - and the grove cleared of trees by this same program.

Eventually the program got its wings clipped by the judicial system. The abuses were getting reported and lawsuits against the State Program were favoring the citizenry. Wilma was the excuse to end the program. It was no longer profitable to the state plus the federal $ source was getting turned off.
Sounds like the typical large Fed Gov program, started with the best of intentions, going off the rails when the corrupt or inept are given (or take) the power. Not the first time, and it won't be the last either. People still think Big Gov has all the answers, and trust them to solve all their problems.