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That Fairchild 3 Toes looks a lot like a hybrid that Stan Wood showed us around his house at Flamingo Gardens which looks a lot like one called October Surprise. Too dark now for a pic.
What an eye Phil! This photo actually came from Georgia Tasker's blog about our tour at Flamingo Gardens. I'm sure its the same plant. Just may have been something she missed in her notes. She also stated that the top bid for a croton at the following auction was Milky Way $127. In fact, Pam Kiefert fetched the top bid that afternoon. Milky Way came in second at $80.00.

After the Tropical Fern & Exotic Plant Society auction - it appears that the price for a Milky Way has escalated, now at $250! Oh, Georgia was in attendance at the TF&EPS event as well. She has been a long time member and has done some wonderful presentations at our meetings.
The beautiful orange croton mentioned above is one of Stan's seedlings. It's not Three Toes or October Surprise. It's named, Tali, named after a woman friend of his.
Jeff - glad you remembered the name of Stan's hybrid.

Here's a pic of October Surprise.

Anna - you may want to enter both in the Wiki.


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Hey guys a thin version of L. Dupuy can look very much like this plant.


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I'll send you two of Stan's photos of Tali which we have permission to use. I think the photo above is Georgia's and I don't know if anyone asked her for permission.

Marie - I found Georgia's picture on Google Images. Wanting more info, it brought me to the Fairchild Website, then to Georgia's blog.

Didn't think about asking her permission, probably should have. Came across a few that came from this forum as well.