An Early Christmas Gift !


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When I was hanging out with Jeff & Travis Searle, Ryan and the Glocks at the Ramble at Fairchild, Jeff gave me this croton and said "Merry Christmas". Thanks Jeff, I've really babied it. It even came inside during the last cold event! :eek:

Dreer #7 very, very uncommon. :cool:


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Another amazing Peyton find. I entered Dreer #7 into Google and got no such results. Peyton, your searches are not conventional ;).

The lithograph shows an oak leaf possibility on Dreer #7. Does your plant have this feature Ron?
I am sure it's not an Elaine. I have an Elaine in the yard to compare with, they are different plants. And another thing, look at all three leaf shapes on that printing. Their all so strikingly different from one another that you'd swear they were from 3 different plants.
Ray - the plant is not large. So far I see only semi oak leaves. The oldest leaves were cropped for the misting operation. Only time will tell if I can keep it alive. :confused:

Peyton's research shows semi oak leaves and one oak leaf. Reliance on the illustrator's influence ... :p
Reposting the photos here for comparison to Ricky's Elaine he posted yesterday in the "Blotched" thread. :)


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That's not Elaine. Per Johnny Shelton at a Croton Society sale many years ago, that's another AFD creation but not #5 or #7. In the trade it's known as Nervia. It does great in shade retaining an amazing pink color. It could be found in Home Depot from time to time a few years back. I've not seen it recently.