A Young Old Man


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Many moons ago I collected a few seed off of a Coccothrinax crinita. I have never seen a young one so I am not sure if this one is a purebred or hybrid. Any ideas?
Darn, I thought you were talking about me. :)

Dean come on, he didn't title the thread Old Old Man.

Scott - the genus Coccothrinax is infamous for cross pollinating. If there were other Coccothrinax blooming in the same vacinity - it may be a cross. It does show the characteristics of being a young old man from the looks of the fibers at the base of the petioles.

How old is it from seed?
Ron, The palm is 10 years young now. I have a photo of the momma somewhere in my files. Do not remember what other Coccothrinax palms were growing nearby the momma if any. Scott