A Little Bit Concerned


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When the forecast lows were lower, I was concerned about some of the crotons. Not that they were going to perish but that new tender growth would get damaged. These are from the mass planting of crotons I did in mid to late October. All were fertilized with a top dressing of 90 day product. New leaves never happened so it was my theory that they were expending their energies developing roots since emancipated from their containers. When they were planted, I also mixed 90 day fertilizer into the amended soil beneath the newly installed plants. This fertilizer should not break down as readily and be "suspended" in the amended soil's organic matter. A bit of a yummy yummy reward to the new roots.

Seems the roots have found that fertilizer and spawned new tender growth ...



Seems like I was fretting over nothing - they look fine.

Although apparently there is another arctic blast heading our way - set to hit us around Wednesday. The early indicators is that this may be a real cold one ... :eek:
Not a blemish so far, Yeah! I was out there with the garden hose at sun rise watering the mulch hoping to raise the temperature a couple of degrees that frigid morning. ColdFeet