2 new unknown Crotons to ID


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I just happened to be in the neighborhood where I found "Mona Lisa" several years ago and spotted these two. The first two are the same, as are the second pair. Any guesses?




Wow Ricky - lots of nice pink coloration on those. Would love to know what cultivar(s) those are! Are those some hidden Black Beauties stashed in the left rear of the first posted pictures? :rolleyes:

Ron. :)
Yep. I had to power-up the mistbed so your cutting are now in 1-gallon cans with soil. If the nighttime temperatures stay above 70 degrees for the next 30 days, everything will root.
Ricky, the croton in your first photo looks just like one I have. Exact same color and leaf shape. I finally got an "ID" on mine - someone said it was "Pink Bravo." I can't recall who said this, and frankly I'd never heard the name before - or since - so I don't know if it's valid. Very nice croton, though.
It does look like #7 except for the pink. Mine's the same way.

We were talking about the Nervia/AFD #? at the USF sale. Clay Millare had some that weren't that pink but were otherwise identical so the pink color could be a light thing - anyway he said it wasn't Nervia, and that it was definitely an AFD but couldn't recall the number. Not 5 or 7.

Edit to add that IIRC, Lee (croton1) agreed with this.