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    Moving from PalmTalk to PalmPedia

    I think most of us understand Dean. To be honest, either way I'm glad that this forum is already set up for the transition and I don't think anyone suspects you of sabotaging PT to get more traffic here. I'm disappointed that the whole ordeal had to occur but it's nice that there is someone out...
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    Winter Outlook for Palm Growing in the US

    Weather forecasts for the coming year for the 2 non-contiguous states: Hawaii: Nice; Rainy on one side and dry on the other Alaska: Cold.
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    Moving from PalmTalk to PalmPedia

    PM's sure got taken down fast...
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    Moving from PalmTalk to PalmPedia

    I've been here almost as long as Palmtalk but I rarely post. Hopefully the forum here can handle the traffic brought in by the move!
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    Voaniola's Freaky Heel

    huh... mine's got a heel, but I haven't really inspected it too much. 10 years from seed? man...
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    Medemia argun

    I've got one with 3 leaves, one with 1 leaf pushing out another one. It hasn't grown at all in a while. I think this palm is best germinated and placed right in the ground.
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    Mardy Darian Garden Visit

    Loved those panoramas Dean. One question though, what's that brown fuzzy stuff affixed to some of the dicot trees? It seems a bit like sphagnum moss. I quite like it actually, it gives an interesting tropical feel
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    Nice Variagated Sabal domingensis - Comments Wanted

    Very nice, I especially like the petiole striping.
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    Medemia argun

    I'm having quite a bit of trouble with this one. They got to 1 leaf, and then abruptly died. I've got 3 left, so hopefully I can get 1 to live. I'm not the best with deep rooted remote germinators like Medemia or Borassus (down to 1 borassus out of 10 seeds, it's throwing out it's first leaf...
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    My Tampa Fl garden

    Yes They usually don't attack, but in my years as a boyscout, we were always told not to swim in the lakes or rivers. The exception is the springs that you see sometimes. The water is clearer than pool water, so you can see any animals in the water. Usually though, it's the beach or pool.
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    Multi-headed S.romanzoffiana

    That's just the weirdest thing ever...
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    Medemia argun

    No leaf on mine yet.
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    Medemia argun

    I've got a few sprouted so far. I've seen maybe 10 get rot while trying to sprout, and I think I have 5 or 6 sprouted so far, still waiting on the rest. They're potted up in 1 gallon tree pots, so let's hope I can get some to throw some leaves!
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    Medemia argun

    I'm using the baggie method with sphagnum moss on 18, and the other 18 I've put in some soil in the garage (the method i used to sprout Borassus seeds).
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    Medemia argun

    Scott, I'm also sprouting seeds of this. Let me know when yours sprout, so we can compare sprouting times