Yellow Croton Forms

Marie Nock

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Does anyone know how yellow croton forms are developed? Are they sports on the original? Seedlings? Or what? I mean yellow forms like Yellow Joanna Coppinger, Yellow Bravo, etc. Thanks,
Marie - What came first, the yellow varieties or the rainbow ones? Was there Yellow Excurrens before there was red? Is Eleanor Roosevelt just a yellow form of FDR or did FDR color out as a sport? Unless you were there when it happened, I think this will always be a mystery.

Along these lines, there are many "Yellow" varieties that are nothing more than the Red or Pink ones in more sun. Perfect example is Van Buren. I have it in hard sun and it gets more yellow than pink or green; just the opposite in shade. They all came from the same mother plant and they all were growing the same colors until they went in the ground in different locations. There's no question that there are many varieties that do have different colors but the same variety, but even in the book, there are some that are given different names based on color that are probably not different at all.