Yard Pics


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I'm bored, so I figured I'd post some pics of the yard from this past winter. I think these were all taken on the same day when it was drizzling or misting. By the way, this is the time of the year when my yard looks its best. Because I have a xeric yard, most of the stuff looks baked in the summer. Winter's the best time to take pics.

I live just over the hump of Lookout Mtn. from matty. My yard is probably a little rockier and a little steeper but very similar situations.



Looks great Ron. So you only post when your bored??? :D

If my California garden looked like that, I wouldn't have to ask my son every week if he's checking the sprinkler system.

BTW --- How are those new Jubaeas doing?
BTW --- How are those new Jubaeas doing?

They are both doing fine Dean. The slightly larger of the two didn't have a rootball when I took it out of the pot and planted it. It began to yellow and the youngest and oldest leaves died. About a month later I asked Gary about it and he said not to worry, it should turn around. He also recommended that I water it twice a week. The other one didn't miss a beat.

Since then, I've planted a couple of other things down on that lot...some sabal seedlings, lots of Tabebuia seedlings, and in the next couple of weeks I'm going to put in that little Medemia argun seedling that I germinated over last winter.