Wouldn't it be nice?


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If in the wiki there were comments about what lighting conditions each cultivar prefers. When I get a new croton that's the first thing I agonize about before planting it. Am I alone? I think it would be nice if there were cultural recommendations like this for each cultivar.

Right now I'm wondering about-

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Can you give me advice on how much sun these prefer? Do you think it's a good idea to add comments on preferred lighting for cultivars in the wiki?
Pleasure meeting you and your husband this weekend. I can tell you that most crotons enjoy some morning sun but most can not tolerate full afternoon summer sun. Our winter afternoon sun would equate to morning summer sun.
My Thea holds magnificent color with only filtered sun in the afternoon. It gets no sun until about noon. My commotion gets full morning sun but shade in the afternoon. It holds full color. Your other cultivars I can't offer conditions as I don't have them....
Thanks, Jose and Rick!

Unfortunately, I have few places with enough filtered sun. It's sun by the hour mostly here. By half sun/shade would they stand half day direct sun? Like to 1pm or so? I tend to think pinks are more delicate and require less sun. Is that true?:confused:

Rick, it was great to meet you too. I wish you'd stick around in this forum more. I love seeing photos of your amazing plants. Jose, that goes for you too. You need to get your son to teach you to post photos. Once you learn, it's easy.