Why Can't I Post Photos???

Now dragging them works


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Ok Guys - this could be a couple of things. I did change a major setting, but I am not sure that is it. But please try again. And please try uploading a nice small size photo so I can rule out that it is a file size problem.

For those having problems - do you know if your Flash is up to date? Do you have anti-virus software? Is that up to date?Do you have a pop-up blocker? And I need to know what the file size and dimensions are of the file you are trying to upload. I have set the max size to very large at this point (20 megapixels), and max file size should be 10MB. I will try to upload a large photo now.
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This photo was 4MB and 8 megapixels - and no problems.

Dean, our flash is up to date, we have great anti-virus software that is up to date, and a pop up blocker. Those things are not a problem here. I tried again to upload a 5.7MB photo with dimensions 4288 x 2848 and it did not upload. I would try to resize, but I don't know how. All my photos seem to be around this size. I dragged this same photo in a previous post when the software was first installed. At this time I still cannot drag this photo into the post.

Here is what I see in the Croton Gallery. It goes to "single file" when the window is narrow, and then is side by side when the window is larger. Is this not the way it was before?
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The wiki is single file now, in the past there were two side-by-side photos. Half the scrolling.

I will try to upload multiple files in the wiki to see if I have any luck.
Dean, don't miss above post, but I wanted to let you know I am only able to upload one photo at a time into the wiki. I called my son over to make sure I wasn't missing anything, and he tried himself. Neither one sees any way to upload more than one at a time.

In the past, I could see five slots that could be filled. I would click on 'choose file', my file would open, I'd select one photo at a time to fill each of the five slots, then I'd click on upload and all five would upload. Now I only see one slot. I choose one photo to fill that slot and then I have to upload. I cannot select any more until I upload the one. Holding down command won't do it, right clicking won't do it. There is no way to do it. You can imagine that if I have 30 photos a session, which is not unusual if I have 12 different cultivars with two or three photos each to upload, that just this step could take quite a while. Even without all the other stuff.
Ana - I am not making myself clear - sorry. You pick/highlight the photos you want on the page before you drag them. Or if using Upload File then you select/highlight as many as you like when you browse/select - before you upload. Just like I did in this first screen shot. Do you see that I have highlighted four files for uploading.

Then you can drag all of these photos together, just as I can do in the wiki. What you see highlighted here are four photos that I selected in order to drag them all into the same page at once. I am guessing you do not know how to select multiple files from the same folder (as I did here) - could that be the problem?
Select .png

Then I drag all of those into the wiki bar like this.
Select Upload.png

And then I can click them, upload them,
Select Gallery.png

and insert them all at once as a Gallery - like this. All of this with only three clicks of the mouse. Drag, upload, insert.
Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 5.02.32 PM.png
Or I can insert them where I want. No more need to copy and paste code in the wiki, it is done automatically. The only thing necessary is to add the parameters for size, comments, or position as desired
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DSC_0515.JPG DSC_0542.jpg Worked!!! I dragged one from iphoto and I uploaded one from my file. Great! Thanks, Dean for your persistence and hard work.

Also, you were right about the wiki page. I widened the page and now I see them as before- two by two. I think this format is nice. I would hate to change it without getting approval from the gang. I saw the email with the one creating larger clusters of photos for less scrolling, but I think the two by twos is a good inbetween and you can see everything clearly without a lot of jumbling. If you have any other formats you think are better, show me and I can discuss it with the group.

Dean, my computer won't let me highlight more than one photo at a time for the wiki. Maybe it's my computer. I've tried every way I know how. How do you highlight? With my computer I hold down command or right click on the files and hold down. It won't let me open more than one photo at a time. Also, I don't see anything like what you showed me above on the wiki, just the usual stuff as before.


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Dean, I still get single file viewing of the wiki. I can widen the page to get two in a row, but then I can't see the first column where it says Palm Pedia, and the rest of the menu, plus the spot to x out of the page. I have to keep moving the whole page back and forth each time. Can you make the whole page fit so that we can see two wiki photos at once and not have to scroll so much?
Ana and all - let me lay out a couple of things for all your information.

What you see on your screen and the way it is laid out, including colors, is not necessarily what others see. Everyone's screen has a different size and and a different resolution - and even different color profiles. Even the same exact screen can be set for different resolutions. This affects the size of the photos, and how many "fit" it various places on the screen. What you have created on your screen, all nicely organized using Windows and Firefox, might not look near as nice on someone else's smaller laptop using a Mac and Safari - or even worse on an iPhone or Tablet.

So, all the newer software - and my main reason for all these upgrades - is what is called responsive design. And it is an attempt to constantly scale for all the differing viewing possibilities. That is all the detail I am going to bore you with.

But let me say this --- the wiki now has some very powerful responsive Gallery options that I will attempt to show to Ana, so that she can show to you. Believe me, they look much nicer and we are transferring all the extensive palm galleries over to them. But more importantly, they work much better for the rapidly increasing number of guests who are viewing the forum and wiki from their phones, tablets, or laptops. The days of sitting at a desk to use your computer is not what it used to be, and will continue to shrink.
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Ana - as to selecting and uploading multiple photos.....

To select multiple files:
- if they are "contiguous" all you have to do is click on the first one to highlight it, then go to the last one and hold down the shift key and click on it - then all the files in between the first and last will remain highlighted.
- or if they are not "in a row" then you hold down the command key (on a Mac) and click all the files you want. Do not release the command key until you are done.

But even easier is - just drag one at a time into the window (either here or on the wiki) For the wiki, just keep dragging and they will just be added to the queue. Then when the desired amount is there, click "upload" to load all at once. For the forum, you can just keep dragging them until you are done, then select thumb, full size, or leave as is to be used as an attachment.

And for the wiki - another trick is this. If you have a few to add to a specific page, you can use the new method and upload them directly to that page. You will soon see how convenient this is, especially for the Gallery option. If you like uploading big batches like you did before - then we can just make you an "Ana's Upload Page" and you can go to that page and upload big batches to your page and then move them where ever you like - like the old way. And in addition, you will have all the photos you upload all saved one page for easier reference.
Dean, I was unable to do any of the above things you mentioned. Neither me, my husband, nor my son feel it's possible to do it from our iMac. It's just not happening. I am unable to drag photos into the space that says: destination filename. I can only upload one at a time. As for the above where you drag into the above blue rectangle after clicking edit, it would not accept any tries at dragging files into that. It acted like it would work (the box expands), but as happened before on the forum, at the end, it didn't. Now, I know I'm no computer whiz, but I think I've got a lot of things down. My husband, and especially my twenty-three year old son, are both good at these types of things and couldn't accomplish more than one download at a time either. I think I'm stuck doing it the long, slow way.
Ana - it has to be something simple. I am on an older Mac and also use my iMac. So it is not the computer. I just sent you a PM as you were probably writing this. Let's carry on the conversation there.

But for common knowledge --- you can not drag photos into the old singe file upload box --- only the new upload system on the edit page with the blue rectangle that says "Drop Files Here."

And Ana, I would like to get your phone number (on a PM) and give you a call. But first, have you tried dragging and dropping a small photo into the blue rectangle? What exactly does it do?
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