Watching Close


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I noticed this ground shoot that emerged at the base of Electra 3 yrs ago. I am now thinking it is not going to look like Electra. The leaf shape is different and the colors of Electra are not there at this time.
Wow, definitely a winner. And looks to be a strong grower. I don't think I have ever seen that - or anything close. It deserves a name befitting the grower. :)
Let's wait another year. I removed it from the mother plant in the spring and it has grown pretty good after almost loosing it. With 'Electra' being one of the handful of sports from 'Miss Andrea' I guess it is possible that it may never look like 'Electra'.
BTW If you google Electra Cordyline you will see a few photos of Electra with the same look as the sport looking plant. This is more than likely a common trait with this plant.