Washingtonia going extinct in the SF bay area?


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I almost went with California,then stuck to what I know. So, I have noticed there are few newly planted Washies in the bay area. Landscapers and commercial property and cities just are not planting them.

I do see many new plantings of huge Date palms,Canary Island Date palms..and good old Trachycarpus in large trunking sizes. No robusta, no filifera. Plenty of Queen palms- THEY are taking over the bay area.
Most of the Washingtonias on public lands are ancient monarchs touching the sky.

Just something Ive noticed when I do see a rare young one...its a bird planted palm most of the time.

They are going away with Eucalyptus and Agave americana.
I know in the city in SoCal from which I moved there was a spectacular long row of very tall Washies, not far from my house. They are a gorgeous palm as a mature grouping - especially against a colorful sunset over the Pacific.

However, there were power lines well below. The tops had grown past and over them by many times. And during every storm the frond would fall and arc across the powerlines and blow out power in our neighborhood. And the tree lovers we were, we objected mightily when the city elected to cut them down. In fact, we objected so strongly, and we had so much support, that we "made" the city instead choose to keep them trimmed.

But - they were so tall, and it was so dangerous to trim because of the power lines, and they grew so well, that the city had to pay big bucks twice a year. And because they wanted to save money, they trimmed them so drastically each time, that their beauty was compromised much of the year. But, I believe they are still there. :taz: