Wallichia disticha


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I just got my W. disticha from Bill (PiousPalms). Before I put it in the ground, does anyone have suggestions? It will be in an area (SE corner of the house) that gets quite a bit of sun, but during summer, it will get shaded late in the afternoon.
The only one I ever saw growing in So. California was in coastal all day shade and did fairly well. It was in well drained soil. So I would think your set up sounds about right.

And you do know they grow distichous, right? So make sure you have it "pointed" the right way. :)
Let's see,.....

I could plant it East West and block my entrance to the backyard and have it hand over my neighbor's lawn or North South and get the maximum solar exposure..........

Maybe I'll split the orientation and plant it NE/SW!:p