-UK101 ID Help Please


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I posted these pics over a month ago, but Anna was the only one who responded. Anyone else have any ideas? CAM00089.jpgCAM00088.jpgCAM00087.jpgCAM00086.jpg
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Tim, compare the first one to your Mdme. Fernand Kohl - looks very similar to me. Why don't you think the last one is Fred Sanders?
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I was fairly certain that the green and yellow was Fred Sanders, which is why I decided not to buy it at the nursery I saw it at. It is nice to have confirmation from a consensus, though. The other croton had me a bit more confused, and I decided to purchase one because the coloring was real nice on it. At first I remember thinking Pres. Reagan. Then Madame Fernand Kohl, then Corot. Considering the nursery source of where it came from, I didn't think it was something exceptionally rare, but I am always looking for different, cool stuff when plant shopping. I also took into account that these crotons were seemingly not looked after a whole lot, and had been needing up sizing of pots for a while now. They were, however, visibly clean of any pests. Thank you for your input Crotonites!:)
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The second one is definitely Fred Sanders. The first one is definitely not President Reagan or Carot. I don't know what it is, but those two are out.